Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12 of 31 Days of Motherhood: You Are Loved

I wasn't planning on writing today. I usually do my writing the night before and last night I was just miserable. I felt no inspiration and my week has been exhausting inside my own hell, which happens to be my head and my thoughts. This week, every day has felt like defeat. I began to think who am I to write on motherhood? I am severely wrecking my children {most likely} 

The truth, yep I'm a mess. But there's grace. Even from my children. I will mess them up somehow. There's no way to get around it.

I have no helpful tips today on how to make your life less chaotic, or awesome poetic words from me or someone else, but I do want you to know, even in all the messiness, when all you see is defeat, YOU ARE LOVED.

You are loved by God. And your children adore you, never doubt that.


  1. God chose you for your precious children, and i seriously doubt you will mess them up! Be encouraged today, Katie! I have enjoyed reading your series!!

  2. oh i understand those weeks katie, but you're right on point and thank you for sharing that reminder. His love for us and our children's love for us cover up a multitude of mess ups from us moms. because we do mess up, but so glad we're showered with grace.