Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 "Love & Kindness"

It's easy for parents to fall into a very vain thinking for their children.
In the way they act or dress, the sports the play and the children they are 'allowed' to play with.
It can get pretty yucky.
I knew early on I had to be careful with those thoughts, I may not be very good at taking thoughts captive, but I have been blessed to be able to take care of the thoughts regarding my children and competition with other children. 

I started thinking upon what is really important and what I want my children to never forget. You know those words a mom or dad or grandparent or babysitter said that always stuck with you because they said them so often, whether life giving or life sucking. 

These are the two words I went with. 
Why? Because as a follower of Jesus, I want to teach my children about how Jesus treated people, how He treats us. And that is LOVE.
I talk often about loving others even when they are not being loving towards us. It is hard for anyone to understand, especially children, but that's why I want to start working on this thinking from an early age.
And kindness. It's so overrated. We live in a world of 'if you don't think like me I can't have a relationship with you' and I don't like it. We need more kindness in the world.
Which means we start it in our families. 

Do you have a phrase or words like this you repeat to your children?

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  1. WWJD? is usually what i remind them of. which boils down to showing love, compassion and truth in situations. and yes you are so right, kindness and love start in the home. if they can't see it there, then they just won't be able to grasp the concept it fully.