Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 {31 Days of Motherhood}

In motherhood life can feel very boring, not in the I have nothing to do type boring, but the mundane. The day after day after day after day same darn thing type of boring. It's dishes, poopy diapers, messy baths after spaghetti dinner, mopping the floors again, sticky chairs, curl knotted hair, whining... It can become very overwhelming. I knew I had to find one thing. Just that one thing that I have to do but that I can find peace in. For some is ironing their husbands clothing, others it's cleaning out cabinets for me

it's laundry. I find some much rest, peace and reassurance in this little basket. How do I make it extend throughout the week? We are a family of 5 that means we are not lacking in laundry so instead of having one laundry day a week, every day is laundry day. Every day I do at least one load a day. There are days I don't get around to a load and that's ok, but most days I look forward to laundry time. I usually try and accomplish this when I can do it without distraction from anyone talking to me.

Find your peace & welcome it with joy!! 
If you have found your 'thing' that you have to do that you love what is it?


  1. I need to seriously start doing laundry everyday!! It would make life so much easier. I also need to take it with a good attitude like you :)

  2. I really love this. I think as mamas we have to look for those little ways to zen out in the chaos! It's a thing of beauty to find happiness in the everyday.