Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6 {31 Days of Motherhood}

"Sorry Liv we're going to be a few minutes late."
"It's ok mom, we're always a few minutes late."

When did this happen. I used to be such an on time person that I would easily show up to events, appointments, family dinners 30 minutes early. Not joking. Running late stresses me out. Even if I think I'm going to be running late. When the Alex & Olivia were toddlers I was so "good" at being prepared and never arriving late. In most cases that seems awesome. People would question how I did it. 

The truth I never said, I stress myself, my children and my husband out. I would say very hurtful words towards my husband if he caused me to be late anywhere. I'd love to tell you that everything has changed. That I have channeled my inner Melody Joy and can roll with the punches with a smile on my face but the truth is....

Things have changed. I only get mad when other people run late some of the time. I myself can arrive places late with a smile on my face occasionally. And on a good day I love and respect my man even if he caused me to be late to wherever the heck we are going.

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