Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 9 {my confession of pride as a twin momma}

"I couldn't handle twins"
"How do you do it?"
"Boy, you have your hands full"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these comments or the such you betta believe I'd be spending every day at Hobby Lobby buying all the things. 

When I first started being asked how I could handle twins my reaction was always I don't have a choice. This is what God gave me, it's what I do. 

Which lead into a bit of cockiness. All in all I handled twin motherhood well in their first year well. I took them every where, I had it all under control. Truth is underneath it all I was drowning. I never had time to do my hair, nor the energy. I took the compliments and wore them as my saving grace. I became the women who was disgusted by mothers with one child complaining. I wanted to whack them with whatever I could. All I could think was they had no idea. 

And then I got pregnant again with our Addie Boo. God started working. I remembered how painful being pregnant with Alex & Liv was but that didn't take away from the uncomfortable-ness I felt with Addison. 

I remember the literal sleepless nights with Alex but that didn't take away from waking up 2-3 times a night with Addison those first 10 months. 

I remember those toddler years, the issues with sleeping in the toddler beds, but that doesn't take away from the exhaustion I feel now from toddler bed time.

The truth is, no matter where you are one kids or ten. Singleton, twins, triplets....Parenting is tough. Kids have such a way of pulling out emotions you never had and either stepping on them or squeezing them with their little snotty faced kisses. 

Where you are --- that's all you are called to handle. And it's tough. Each child brings on struggles of their own. Each mother has their own things to work through with becoming a mother. 

I am thankful where God took me and pulled me through so that I could learn to show grace & compassion. 

If you are struggling with pride or comparison, I encourage you to seek Him to help you to either become more understanding or for Him to show you how much He truly does love you!! 

Because He does love YOU so much!

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  1. So so true...our twins are placed at the end of our line up currently. I think the advantage i have with have singletons first is that it is hard but really i know its hard anyway. I would say the big difference I noticed is that when they both want to be held that is super hard but I have gotten creative :)