Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big picture

It's about to get super Jesus-y here & I couldn't be more elated to share.
Yesterday I was on the way to take Alex & Olivia to school and 3 lights went off in my beast to say something wasn't right. I couldn't go faster than 35-40 and going slow made it feel like I was going to stall. I kept thinking I just need to get the kids to school and home. I did make it home and I was scared outta my mind. My husband made the appointment to get the car in today but I had to take it because you know he has to go to a job + he had a microsoft {don't ask me to explain I don't know, but it's a BIG deal} test to take. The last one to get a special certification thingy. [I'm so winning at wife life right now] 

My friend said she was going to follow me there, it was the she was going to do it, I had no say. To take it extra safe we put Addie in her car, just in case. I had been praying, she was praying, some of my twitter friends were praying. I had huge knots in my stomach all morning imagining driving again with it not wanting to actually go and the feeling it was just going to quit all together.

and let me tell you OUR GOD SURROUNDED MY CAR. I mean seriously. I could feel His presence all around. The car drove to the shop just fine. The shop is about 30 minutes away and the whole thought just terrified me, but guys God does care about these things. These things that can seem so itty bitty in the big picture, because to me this morning this was a big part of my picture. is just the waiting to see what the heck is going on....

Getting all Jesus-y is so good, don't you agree?!! 


  1. girl, get Jesus-y as often as you can! He deserves all the glory and credit!

  2. Love love love this! and love love love you. Glad your car is okay, and you and your babies are all safe! Praise our amazing God.

  3. I love Jesus-y posts. i love reading what God is doing in my sister's lives and praise Him that He is so fully involved!