Sunday, December 29, 2013

Encouragement for 2014

Sick of all the negativity? Feeling all yuck in your heart? Here's my go-to for encouragement

For daily devotions I use She Reads Truth, you can follow the plan through youverse or online. This is the first plan I have ever stuck to it and didn't quit just days in. It has changed Jesus time to when I feel helpless to that special time almost every day that leads me to more of Him. If you have questions or need help regarding these studies, let me know

For in the messy world of mommyhood where it feels like you only receive negativity for the things you should be doing or shouldn't be doing I suggest Thrive Moms. If you subscribe to the weekly newsletter, you will receive it every Monday morning. This newsletter isn't going to feed you the latest parenting trend or beat you down, but to fill you up with love, encouragement & grace.

For the reminder that you are someone so precious to Jesus Erin is your girl!! She has such a beautiful way to remind all us ladies that God finds us precious & that He has something so special for each of us.

For self love & to stop the self hate I find so much encouragement and freedom with Stephanie from The Little Way and Mandy from She Breathes Deeply

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  1. isn't great the Lord has used all these women for encouragement? i love getting that Thrive Moms newsletter on Monday to start off my week. so much goodness there!