Thursday, January 23, 2014

How I do

Ok, let's be honest, without going totally insane, because anyone who knows me knows I'm a bit on the crazy side.

1. Healthy Living
Truth is eating healthy {not this low fat messed up diet we have been conned into believing} but eating real foods makes me more alert. Bread hurts my belly, sugar makes me a bit detached, but good foods, help me to focus and keep going. 
Along with eating healthy, working out is good for me. The endorphins are amazing. Working out can help give me focus, a time to pray, to think, to release stress & tension. 

2. Coffee
Come on, you knew that would be on my list. There no explaining here. I love coffee, it loves me. End of story.

3. Social Media
Not all stay at home moms want to be involved with social media, but I do. I find community. I find encouragement as a christian, a wife, a mother, a bleeding heart in the world of orphan care. 

Two parts of social media I want to share:
She Reads Truth: I always struggled with keeping a time with Jesus & devotion. I felt so lost. I might start a devotion and make it a few days and then quit. I would feel lost trying to just read the bible and then came She Reads Truth, this is something I could stick with. But even more, it has taught me how to navigate the bible on my own {also if you love to doodle, I have learned doodling scripture is a beautiful thing!}
Thrive Moms : ENCOURAGEMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT for mothers! If you're a mama, go to the site, follow them on twitter & ig and like their fb page. 
But the main thing is subscribe to their weekly newsletter. 

4. Counting Backwards
My mama taught me this trick. When you are so overwhelmed with mommyhood and you feel like you are about to lose all sense of self count backwards, starting at 10 or 100 depending how bad it is taking deep breaths. I promise, it helps. 

5. Dance Parties
Take any amount of time and dance with your littles and suddenly you can love & enjoy being mama to them again. It's so easy to get weighed down by the things to do & the worry of the future, dance it out girl!!!

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