Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Know Your Worth -- guest blogger Brittany

  Hello everybody! My name is Brittany Morse, and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Go Thunder!) I love to write, listen to music, eat sushi and hang out with my family. I am married to an incredible, wacky & creative guy Joey, and we have the two most handsome & wonderful boys Elijah & Isaiah. (if you are wondering why this random girl from Oklahoma is writing, let me explain:) I didn't always live in the Boomer state. Katie and I actually grew up in the same youth group together in Lima, Ohio and I was so honored when she recently asked me to guest write and share with you what has been burning my heart for so many years. 

   When I was a teenager, I knew I was different. Not in the snotty "I am better than you" way, but in a way that even then I didn't quite understand. I was raised in a Pastor's home, so we moved a lot, so I had to rely on my family and God. They were all I had. I look back and I am SO thankful that I went through difficult, awkward and down right hard times because at a young age, I learned that all I need is God. He is the one who gets me and no one else can love me and provide for me like He can, so I wanted to live every single day glorifying and pointing my life towards Him. And at that time, being a young teen, that meant I decided that I would wait to have sex until I was married, I would not go to clubs or parties where I would be tempted to head down an empty path, and I would say and wear things that would be pleasing to God. Was I perfect? Heck no. And guess what?? I am still not perfect:) We all fall short, and I am so glad there is grace. My decision at a young age to live a pure life gave me strength through my high school and college years. And now, at almost 27 years old, I know that I am here on this earth to love Jesus and to point people to Jesus, especially young women. 

   In today's society, girls are told "It's normal to watch porn"...... "You should sleep around to get experience"....."You have to wear a low cut shirt to get a guy's attention"......or "You're nothing without a boyfriend." My.heart.breaks. Girls are learning that they are worth nothing and they are believing those lies. It is time for them to know their true worth which is found in Jesus Christ. They will search to the ends of the earth to find happiness and acceptance but until they seek the Lord and fall in love with Him, they will end of depressed, lonely, unsatisfied and empty. I am NOT ok with this. That is not why God created us. God created every single girl for true beauty and divine purpose, and the world can't give them that. All the world gives them is fluff and thousands of empty promises. Every young women is faced with two choices: (i like to use metaphors by the way)   They walk around living a life as an ordinary piece of coal thinking they have worth and value or they can live a life knowing they are diamonds unique, beautiful and filled with extraordinary markings of their Maker. 

   So here I am, just a simple girl from Oklahoma who is tired of seeing girls live like coal. I am ready to see diamonds shine all around! With God as my mouthpiece and strength, I will speak His truth till my days on this earth are done. That is exactly my heart and soul for this blog that I have created ( There you or your daughter, sister or friend can find encouragement, truth and tips on finding your worth and then live everyday knowing it.

   Thank you for listening to my heart and passion, and I just ask for one thing of you. I ask for your prayers because I know that our battles are not with flesh and blood but with Satan and his army. So Satan will fight; it is not going to be easy, but God is bigger, stronger and better. I do not stand alone. I stand with the one TRUE God and that gives me courage. Let's be in prayer together that we will start to see young women of all ages turning away from the lies of this world and walking confidently in the light of their rightful worth! 

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