Thursday, January 2, 2014

Momma Joy in the making

Joy in the big things
And the little things
The happy things
And the hurtful things
Joy in the wee hours of the night putting a toddler back to bed
And in the late afternoon when I'm running on fumes
Joy when I feel like parenting is too big of a burden
And when it fits like a glove
Joy when my marriage is rocky
And when we're grossly in puppy dog love
Joy in the morning 
And at kids bedtime {because what parent can't find joy then?!}
Joy in the desert
And joy in the sunshine

Joy because He made me.
Joy because He made them.
Joy because in all things, even when it all doesn't make sense, He is here, all around. Present. 
I may never be an intentional woman, I am a pretty scatterbrained one, He is intentional. Always. Never failing.



  1. Great post. I also chose a word for this year. It's "change" I plan on doing a lot of it too. Thanks for the idea.