Monday, January 20, 2014


(This is not a paid post, because thus far, have never done so, this is purely from me because I love it so much)

The day before Thanksgiving my best friend called me to let me know she had just drove by the YMCA and that on Cyber Monday they we having a deal: join for free {no activation fee} & first month free. We (me, her and our husbands) had been discussing getting a y membership, more than the current membership we had but CHILD WATCH! 

On Cyber Monday, Cassie & I went and signed up. 
I love it. So much gym equipment, no waiting for machines. And classes galore.

And child watch, you receive 2 1/2 hours to work that rear off kid free. 

It's not just the working out, that is good for the body, but the time. Not all moms, in all seasons feel the need for that time for self and that's ok. When the twins were babies I would get so angry when people said I needed time away, because in that season I didn't, I wanted and needed to be with them always. 

But right now, in this season, I need some mental time away. 

If you have considered getting a Y membership, I highly encourage it if you have the room in your budget. 
Bonus is it's not a contract, so if you come into a stormy season financially just tell them you have to stop and they'll stop it. 

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