Monday, February 10, 2014

A little made up letter from Jesus

Ok I'm totally stealing this from my church but do it! I promise God has something just for you.
Grab a piece of paper and write these things down.

1. Your name
2. Something that stresses you
3. A negative label you've carried around about yourself
4. Something that makes you come alive
5. Life dream


Seriously. Don't peek. Just wait.


Did you write down your answers?


Ok ready?

(Your name)
I know you and love you

Let go and receive my love every day even in the midst of (the thing that stresses you) I am with you and I will never leave you.

I know you've worn the label of (whatever that label is for you). That doesn't define you. I define you. I say you are worth dying for.

Let me be your King. Enter my kingdom. Find your home there. Find your mission there. Receive my love, and I will protect you. I will challenge you and push you to grow. When you're (that special thing) that's just a glimpse of the joy and peace I have for you.

I know you want to (life dream)
When you let me be your King, I will show you great and amazing things beyond what you could ever imagine. Stay with me and I will should you.


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