Friday, February 28, 2014


Oceans. We love it. We want more of it. We play it on repeat & wonder if a better worship song has ever been created. We write out the lyrics in our journals. We start to actually pray the song. We cry. Our hearts ache. And eventually that prayer is answered. Eventually when you pray for God to "lead you where your trust is without borders", He'll see if you actually mean obedience. When you ask for Him "to take you deeper than your feet may ever wander", well, He'll decide to do just that. And when you sing that sweet line of "your grace abounds in deepest wanders" that will be shown to you exactly what that means.

If you have never heard this song? What are you living under a rock? Go ahead take a listen, pray it & have your life really feel like you want God surrounding it all, that now more than ever you want Him in every aspect of your life. The mundane & the big.

Is it messing you up just a bit? Don't say I didn't warn you;)

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