Saturday, March 29, 2014

Do Something

I love when people talk about what they are passionate about. What stirs their hearts & leads them to more of Jesus. I love hearing about God using normal everyday people to do big things. And I love that God created us all uniquely to have passions about different things. To impact all the people. We are all called to different spaces of life. Some into orphan care, that's one that gets my heart going. Some into fighting for freedom which I also love that one. Some for missions. And to feed the hungry. To care for widows. And mentor the most most "difficult" teens. Some to stay home & raise their babies. Some to encourage. Whatever your gift, use it. Use it for Jesus. We are not to just go through this life untouched. But to be raw & ready to let Jesus move us to go deeper. 

That's why I love this song by Matthew West. He created YOU to do something. To make a difference in the things that make you angry. The things that explode your heart. 

"Live simply so others can simply live." -Mother Teresa 

I want to know, what is that thing you are passionate about?

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