Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guest Blogger Alessandra

My friend Alessandra is visiting the blog today about the beautiful miracle in having a baby.

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Having a baby is an incredibly miraculous moment. This little child has been growing and moving inside of you for the past forty weeks. You felt this little beings every move, every kick, and every punch. There has been an incredible bond that has been built between the two of you in the past months and then the time finally comes to meet your little one. It truly is incredible. You thought you had loved this one before, but the moment your eyes lay upon their precious body you cannot even comprehend the feelings that consume you. This is love.
Being a mother takes the depth of love to an entirely new level. You feel like you have never felt before. You hurt like you have never hurt before. The depth of this love radiates within every ounce of your being. This love is powerful and fierce. The strength of this love is impossible to comprehend, it cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.
I remember the moment I laid eyes on Jase; I never wanted to let him go. I was overwhelmed with the kind of love everyone had always told me about. Still today I find myself watching him play, or sleep, or even cry and my eyes feel with tears because I cannot believe he is mine. The product of love between my husband and I has created an entirely new strength to love than I had ever known before. I love watching him learn. His curiosity brings me so much joy. I love watching him discover the world before him as his bright blue eyes sparkle with amazement. I hurt when I see him in pain; my entire body just wants to curl up with him safely tucked into my chest. This little being makes me feel things I have never felt before.
One day as I sat watching him play, I thought to myself, “Wow. God, is this how much you love me?” I was brought to tears as I thought of giving up my son. Not just giving him away, but giving him over to an incredibly painful death. The thought of giving my son away to save so many people, people that would even turn around and spit in his face, it broke me. I couldn’t imagine giving my son over knowing that the very people I was giving him up for, half of them would never even care. Some of them would reject him still! It was this incredible moment where I believe I grasped the Father’s love for me an entirely new way.
God did just that. He sent His son to die for the sins of everyone. God did so knowing that what His son was going to face was going to be excruciating. God did so knowing that the very people He was sending His son to save were still going to reject Him. Yet He still did it. God loved us that much that He was still willing to give His son to save us all. I know how much a parent loves their child; I can only imagine how hard that would be to do.
Becoming a parent has challenged me and shaken me to the core of my being. Experiencing the strength of love a mother can have has blown me away. Not because I can’t believe how it is possible to love someone that much, but because I can’t believe God loves me more. The love that my Heavenly Father has for me is stronger than I can even comprehend.
Being a mom has taught me how incredible the love the Father has for us is. It has shown me just how far His love would go for me.

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