Friday, March 14, 2014

Home was not safe

To become a foster parent requires training, for us we had to take 40 hours and must take 40 hours every two years. You learn about abuse & culture & how children are brought into foster care & how messy it all can be. And sometimes I get angry thinking about it, because for a time for my life was scary. Home was not safe. Home was the most frightening place for me to be. I never knew if he was going to turn into the evil person and hurt my family. Sometimes I feel so conflicted with my feelings, being thankful that we were not taken out of our home. that my brothers & I were not split up. And then other times I'm so angry.

Why didn't anyone save us? 
Why didn't my family who I told things were happening come rescue us? 
Why didn't our church rescue us?
 How could "christians" tell my mom that she needed to be a better wife so he wouldn't be so abusive? 
Why didn't the cops that came to our house ever take us away?

I don't know these answers and I never will. 

But it just makes me remember there are kids and will be kids who live this way & much much worse than what I saw & lived that will never be rescued. Can you take some time with me today and pray for these children in scary situations.

((I am thankful for my mom who eventually built up bravery & left him))

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  1. my heart breaks for kids that are in this situation. i can only imagine how scary it must be. you opening up your home to kiddos that need a safe place is such a blessing and a beautiful calling from the Lord.