Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our home

Home for me is very special.
It's the place my children grow.
Where they are sent to their room to cool down.
It's the place my husband and I try and navigate through the things that want to rip us apart.
It's where we relax. And play. And cry. And gigle.
Our home is a place with open doors to children who need a safe place, a warm bed & food in their bellies.
Most times I am beyond thankful for this space.
We have 4 bedroom & 2 1/2 bathrooms. 
A basement that needs finished, but the future is available.
We have an open kitchen & food plentiful.

I am thankful for this home.
Sometimes I forget though,
When I see the serious lack of real paint & not the construction paint that is still there after almost 2 years.
A mismatched grouping of barely hanging together furniture.
A mixture of blacks & browns that aren't the modern way, but just a mix of stuff.
A serious lack of actual decorating.
Crayon on the walls & fingerprints on the windows (even if I did just clean them 30 minutes ago)

But what this space lacks in appearance, it is abundant in love.
We have space for family & friends.
We have enough for extra children to come, whether foster children, family or friends.
We have toys & dress up clothes & computers & games.

I will turn into a crazy lady when we plan things, like yesterday when we hosted a birthday party for a cousin.
I clean all the things. Not because I am actually crazy, but when you come to my house, I don't want you to be surrounded by the house chaos, but the abundant love. I want you to relax. I want you to enjoy watching your children play. And if you are exhausted and need a nap, please do so. 
And when everyone leaves and the house looks like it was literally turned upside down, don't leave stressed because it is, in a weird way it brings me joy. Joy knowing people were here, that we played games & that children used their imaginations to the fullest.

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  1. This is sweet! What a great way to look at post-company mess too. :-)