Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mom to 5 {my learning tips}

These are in no particular order, just tips I'm learning, share yours!!

1. Take lots of deep breaths
2. When a child asks to help, stop being so controlling & just say YES, it doesn't matter how it gets just done just that it does get done. 

3. Kiss your husband & make sure you two are having sex. You need it & so does he. Sometimes you just gotta force yourself to, you'll be happier.
4. Drink lots of coffee because that's my answer for everything
5. Buy dry shampoo. Motherhood often means showers are towards the end of the list
6. Take walks, go play outside, toss a ball, roll in the grass. Fresh air does amazing things for moods of all ages.
7. Let go of comparisons
8. It's ok to order pizza more than once a week
9. Have family over & don't stress because your floor hasn't been mopped in over a week
(and yes I totally screenshot this from snapchat, thanks Layna!)
10. Make time for yourself, this is the hardest, but it's necessary. Paint your nails, blog, tune everyone out, go to Target ALONE, get your hair done, read a book in peace....whatever it is, even if it's just 10 minutes, do it!
11. Get your family to help. This is what family is for. Or those amazing best friends that are family. When family is able to help, LET THEM. 
12. Use your planner, life if busy & if you are a foster mama you have lots of extra appointments you wouldn't normally have. Live by that planner. Know what's coming up.

And mostly, find the JOY, having all these littles can be so difficult and can turn your heart hard. But mama, I encourage you to keep your heart soft. 

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  1. AH-MAY-ZING! I love everything about this post... and your heart! Keep it up, mama! xo. Angie