Friday, April 25, 2014

Whining & Complaining.....and spiritual gifts

I want you to rest.
To thrive in motherhood.
To love fully.
And to give yourself room to breathe.
I will encourage to make space for yourself.
For some self care.
And allowing to be exactly who you are in motherhood and to stop comparisons.
But I struggle allowing myself the same.
I am the pull up my bootstraps & put on my big girl panties & whine & complain type.
Instead of saying enough is enough I need rest. I need Jesus. I can't do it all.
No I get prideful like I'm superwoman and I'm totally not.
I can't understand why other women don't just push themselves harder to bleed out to love children who need a home.
And then I took an Influence Class last night that Ellen taught and she talked about a spiritual gifts test. Of course I did it as soon as the class was over, because I have a mad love for serious & silly online quizzes, I mean buzzfeed, come on guys, I'm in love ;)
My results, not surprised. I have taken several spiritual gifts tests and always get the same two results. But this one also talked about the pitfalls. And guess what, it hit me, convicted me, punched me in the face.

Beware of Satan's attack on your gift. He can cause pride because of your ability to relate to others. He may influence you to disregard rules and authority. You may experience a lack of discipline because of strong feeling for those who hurt due to disobedience and sin. Don't fall into Satan's trap of complaining and griping.

God gives us gifts. They are not come naturally, born with gifts, but gifts He gives us that we are to use. Satan knows these gifts too.

Also if you want to take the test:

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