Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ebook Review

I met Elisha through social media I would say a little over a year ago. I loved her mama heart and felt so drawn to her words. She's encouraging. And she loves her boys fiercely.

She recently wrote an ebook. I've read a few ebooks lately. I love the idea of an ebook, simple ideas that don't take 400 pages to explain. Hers is just the same. She gets to the point of motherhood & offers practical tips to help you navigate this journey a little more smoothly. 

"It seems being a homemaker, being a mom and staying home are job today's society doesn't know how to handle so it is laughed about and teased."

You can read this ebook too by either subscribing by email on Elisha's blog or you can buy it for $2.99 on Amazon

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