Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How I want to handle summertime

When my twins were toddlers I remember moms freaking out about the upcoming summer. Moms not wanting their bigs home all day. Trying to figure out how they were going to end the summer with their sanity. And me in pride just couldn't understand, why. But now that my twins are older & bicker like crazy. I GET IT. But I don't want to enter into SuMmEr (yes, I just did that!) 2014 in fear or grumpiness. I want us to have a summer. You know, lots of fun. I want to seek the joy. I want us to laugh & get dirty & stay up too late & swim & play with sparklers (because I'm a wild mom like that) & dance & jump on the trampoline til I pee my pants, which isn't long &.......

Where it stops my heart & makes me stressed, grumpy and fearful ----> 5 kids. FIVE. A teen, twin 7 year olds, a 3 (next month) year old and a toddler who is not quite 2 but we know how those month before 2 are. There are 10+ birthdays, all of our birthdays, but the youngest toddler has a summer birthday. Appointments, meetings, visits, court, SAR, and so on & so on. 

And the biggest thing. I'm a schedule person. I like routine. I like consistency. Being a foster mom is teaching me how much I need my planner, but how much the need is for flexibility. 

This summer, I am going to attempt for only 1 thing on the must do's & that is reading. 

Everything else I'm going to TRY and LET IT GO! 

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