Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How we got where we are // Part 1

"You know God is going to lead us to foster teens, I know it, we're just waiting on you to know it" the mr.

- - - - - - 

When Doug and I first started taking our classes we decided on ages 2-7, we felt done with the baby stage & we wanted the children to be Alex and Olivia's age or younger. 

But then God started working through others to push us to lower our ages, so we decided to lower our ages 0-7, to do this another home inspection has to be done. While our home inspector was here Doug asked her if there are any children they've been having a hard time placing.

"yes, actually 'the county we live in' is trying to find a home for a teen mom and her baby." 

You know that feeling. That feeling where you feel like someone threw a baseball bat at your stomach and God is standing on your head at the same time? That happened. I pulled myself together, looked at Doug and said no.

But the moment our inspector left, you know we talked out all the fears with parenting a teen mom.

I mean, HELLO, we are not exactly fit to be parents of a teen. Our oldest two are 7 years old, we are not working with our teen youth group, we are not prepared for this at all.

It wasn't long and I called "just to find out about her case"

///// Part 2 tomorrow 

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