Thursday, May 8, 2014

How we got where we are //// Part 2

I listened about her case. My heart broke as to be expected.

And we said yes.

Then I went into a fit of hysteria. While this would be nice to be just an exaggeration. I scream cried. I questioned God A LOT. How can I care for a teen mom? And not only care for her but "you'll need to teach her to mother also"? Then we waited. We waited for the phone call after court. 

She wasn't coming, a family member stepped up!! 

I had decided after that call that we were not called to foster teen moms, that it was just a situation where God was seeing if I would say yes.

And then a week later......

We got another call. 
That was the call.
After months of nothing.
After weeks of several calls daily.

This was it.
I could feel it in my bones.
I was ready to fight for them & never felt so un-nervous about a possible placement. 

It's been a ride. A beautiful one. We've had our ups and our downs. I've had days wonder why God thought I could mother our three, let alone an extra two. But to be honest, most days I feel spoiled. Spoiled that I get to be part of their story & that they are part of ours.

You just never know the gift God has waiting. The scary, crazy, impossible can be the gift God has been holding waiting for YOU just to say YES!

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