Monday, June 23, 2014

A few things I've learned so far

What I have learned mothering a teen who is not mine:

1. Those tough things that you would grill your kids about easily, doesn't come so easily. It means a sit down talk that can be quite tense, but needs to be filled with love

2. If you ever plan on parenting a teen, biologically yours or brought to your heart, don't forget what it was like to be a teen. Now image being pulled from your home into an environment not your own. 

3. Music. Oh gosh. It really just does get worse and worse. There's a time & a place for that music. Filling littles ears with those words are not ok, but when the littles aren't in the car, let them be in their world. 

4. Speaking of cars, a car ride for a baby & toddlers is like instant nap, for teen girls it's instant real talk. It's odd. But so wonderful.

5. It's tough. Like super duper, I literally have no idea what I'm doing but I'm super duper trying.

6. Love. They really need it. The tough act, is that, just an act. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

7. Teen moms are in a really tough situation. They want to be like every other teen. But they are also a mother. 

8. Sometimes all you can do is pray. Because it will all seem to big and too much and you may feel never enough. But God is not walking away, He is all around.

/ / / /

I may never see the fruits of my labor in this situation, but I believe God is working in my obedience. 

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