Saturday, June 7, 2014

We make too much to not have enough

Welcome to our lives Dave Ramsey!

Money was never our stressor point, the thing that made us argue the most. Because we never really talked about it. We would discuss a budget and think we were on one. We really weren't. Over the past year we've talked about trying this Dave Ramsey plan and never dived in. Our friends, Justin & Heather, have been on this plan and have knocked out a lot of debt. They gifted us with some truth filled words & this book. It sat on a table for a few months and then Douglas decided we're doing it. We read the book together and decided starting June 1st we were making these changes. We'll also be taking the Financial Peace University class at church that starts later this month!

We learned that budgeting isn't a once a year thing --- but a monthly budget & sometimes even more.

We have learned how childish we have been.

We have learned how to get out of debt, the steps.

We are at the very beginning, building our emergency fund and sticking to a budget. 

After we build the emergency fund we will start tackling the debt. First will be Doug's credit card, which we can knock out in a month (cha-ching!!) then the car, both student loans & our mortgage. 

"Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else"

Have you tried the Dave Ramsey total money makeover?


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