Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Beloved, this is not for you

When I workout I need a good loud beat & to tune out the world. My favorite is running. I feel no responsibility to life around me. I can just focus on the good I need to do for my body, physically & spiritually. But the pitful, filling my "station" & ears with words not of Jesus. Music has always been a thing for me. It can lift me & point me to Jesus. Or fill me with yuckiness & make me wish I could disappear from my current life. If you struggle to, I want to share some words from God

"My beloved, this is not for you. I have blessed some pretty awesome people with the ability to make music that is full of Me"

Ok those words didn't audibly come, just you know, the way God speaks to my heart. 

Here is the playlist I have started. No booty shaking, no shots of poison, but upbeat music that keeps your heart pointed to Jesus

And please share some of your favorites

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