Monday, August 4, 2014

And then I rebranded

I went a good month planning on how I was going to quit the internet. Instead I rebranded. And whether or not I'll quit in the future may or may not happen. The days are long and exhausting. My calendar boxes are almost bursting. There is little space to add in more appointments & places to go. This is the life of a mom + the extra title of "foster mom"

There are days I feel like I'm drowning in it all. How can I be me when it all goes out to them.

Just breath. Keep going.
Take it day by day.

I take deep breaths while running. 
I breathe deeply on the slow walk to the mailbox.
I take a good long deep breathe before I let myself cry and allow myself to feel the weight.

Learning to take those moments for deep breaths has allowed me to go into a new direction, to remember the calling & to re-focus. 

But most importantly I'm learning to breathe in more of Jesus. To allow Him to fill those spots. That my prayers don't need to be eloquent, but real. "Thank you Jesus", "I need you Jesus", "Give me direction" and the list goes on. Listen sentences I can breathe that points me more to Him.

And so Katie Jane....breathes in