Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to routine

At the beginning of summer I was a little freaked out. Five kids in the house all day, everyday. Ages from 17-almost 2. I talked to other moms & prayed. My motto for the summer became "summer is for fun" 
It was something easy, simple & so true to keep my heart where it was suppose to be. 
Unfortunately the days of swimming were much fewer than I anticipated. 
Running around to appointments instead took place.
Summer swept in quickly & left just as quick.

And now I have 3 kids in school and just the two toddlers for about 5 hours.
The truth about this, it's like a long deep breath.
I see people posting that they're sad school is starting already. 
I'm not.
I mean, I'm not looking forward to homework, but 
I LOVE the routine of it all. 
Summer is so loosy-goosy. 
Fall is getting back into routine & habit and that's something this planner loving mama looks forward to. 

And hopefully my house can have a little more order & cleanliness to it....who am I kidding? They all still live here! 

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