Sunday, August 10, 2014

Self hatred & daughters

"Ewww gross I am so fat"
"I can't stand the way my nose looks"
"I'm going to stop eating so I can lose 10 pounds"

And it goes on and on. 
These things we say.
And we wonder why our girls, our nieces, granddaughters, the neighbor girl, ourselves all struggle. We don't just mildly struggle, it's something big.
As a mother I have to think about what my girls are hearing and seeing. Am I raising them to hate themselves, to make them see they are less -than, that they are too round or loud or .......

I am. I am not raising them with a full self-esteem, but to live in a cycle of trying to lose weight ---> stop trying ---> self-hatred.

It's a wicked cycle.
It's something they see & hear.

And what do children do --- they watch closely. Those words I speak about myself, it implants in their minds & hearts. My beautifully perfect little girls will start to believe there is something wrong with the beautiful piece of art God created. 

"A mother who radiates self-love & self-acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low self-esteem" - Naomi Wolf

For the 29th year of my life. I'm done. I have fought and fought and fought with how I see myself. The large number of imperfections. I'm done. Because I love my daughters more than I hate my imperfections. Because I want them to grow up seeing the value God made in them. For this next year I want to make a change so I can prepare my daughters to love themselves. 

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