Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Simple motherhood community

We were at cheer practice.
The three year old was being her little wild self.
I actually love age three more than age two. Their personality is bursting through, they can talk more, communication doesn't seem like you're walking into a wall. A little more independent.
There is also more orneriness, or maybe that's just for the Shannon kids.
It was hot.
But I had a friend to talk to.
A friend who inspires me to be a better mom, always. And not in the yucky comparison way, but in a good way.
Addie, the three year old, decided running into the street/parking lot sounded like a great idea. Over and over and over.

And she stepped in.
For a bit she was my arms.
She swooped my girl up and held her.
I got a break.
This is community in motherhood.
She wasn't judging me, she was just there. 

Let's do this more.
Let's step in.
Let's surround other moms with encouragement & extra arms. 

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