Friday, August 22, 2014

The whiny toddler falling behind

There's a picture in my head.
A group of children running & a little sibling falling far behind.
Whining for them to slow down. 

And that whiny child is me.
Fall is such a beautiful time.
 --- I know, I know, it's technically not fall yet, but I always consider it fall once the kids start back to school.---
It's a time to get back into a routine, to start feeling like life has a little more order.
But truth be told I just want a pause button.
Like, wait, let me pause life & get everything cleaned and organized and catch up on sleep and spend more time with Jesus.
Instead life just keeps going. 
And I'm left whiny, wait, I'm falling behind. 

The master bedroom is so neglected, it has becoming the storage room.
The kitchen floors are sticky.
The baseboards are covered in dog hair.
The carpets have stains & I swear I'm just going to rip it all up.
The walls are still without the paint they desperately need.
And my hair looks like a rats nest.

But my kids. They are fed. They are loved. They are growing.
And one day, these days will be passed. I won't be driving to schools in different directions. The children that have entered our home for a time, will too quickly. Alex, Olivia & Addie will head off to college (or so we pray!!!) before we know it.

And God is at work. When I feel like I'm falling behind, He picks me up & carries me. 

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