Friday, November 14, 2014

4 Things I'm doing for me

People have their "things"
Their things that make them happy, that are just them.
Sometimes as moms we start to believe things things are selfish,
the buzz word is self care & for awhile I felt like it was just nonacceptance for the frumpy mom.

But the truth is I need it, especially now as I care for, feed, nurture, blahblahblah for 5 children.

1. Coffee. This is no surprise for anyone who knows me. I love starting my day with several cups of coffee. Yes, I said several. It's warm & yummy & I love it.

2. Running. I have gone through this whole running thing several times, I start but don't continue. Over the summer, I started morning runs. Myself+my music. I fell in love. And then school started & excuses,excuses, excuses. And then I had a major melt down, crying to my husband how I missed running. So I had to get back at it. Plus it helps me not to kill people.


3. Hot baths. When we  were building our house, we decided to splurge, big tub & stand alone shower. I have used my bath more in the past 2 months that the 2+years we've been here. Getting in a hot tub just helps relax me completely.

4. Washing my face with coconut oil. Washing my face has been this big life long battle of knowing I should wash my face & the burn of E V E R Y face washing product I ever used. But then entered coconut oil. It doesn't burn. At all. And I'm all like my face loves me now. GAME CHANGER. 

What are some things you do just for you?


  1. Coffee, a good book/movie, Bible studies, yoga, and a hot bath too! I'm curious about the "washing" your face with coconut oil... how does that work? Does it make your face oily? I am 30 and still have issues with pimples sometimes so I'm afraid to try coconut oil. Advice would be appreciated please!

    1. Coconut oil works on my face, because my face is so sensitive to anything else, it doesn't leave my face feeling oily at all, just refreshed. I splash warm water on my face then put some coconut oil in my hands and rub it on my face, I then set a warm towel on my face for about 30 seconds then gently rub it off & pat dry with a towel.