Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Thankful for.... yogurt tubes, I buy the kroger brand and throw them in the freezer, such a nice pretend ice cream treat in the evenings after the kids go to bed

Watching --- Scorpion, a new show hubby & I have found and LOVE

Listening to --- Christmas music (duh!!!), podcasts by Jamie Ivey, Steven Furtick or re-listening to service from my own church or Taylor Swift 

Writing --- a whole lot of nothing. I have even fallen out of scripture doodling & realized my chalkboard really likes when I practice more

Stressing over --- This whole being a foster parent thing, some days I worry I'm not helping in the healing. What am I really doing here? And other days I'm just praying I'm helping out & then we have days that it seems we've all melted into this messy little mix

Working on --- my weight. At it again. I guess you could say this also stresses me out. It's a battle. Daily. 

Praying about --- my children. And how to handle the transition that will be happening. How do I prepare them to go back home. How do I prepare my heart & how in the world am I suppose to prepare my children for these two that they love to leave us

It's been hard finding words to write.
Words that I can share to the world.
Because a lot that happens day to day I can't share or I can't find the words to say. Or there are too many words I want to cry, scream or mumble that just can't seem to make sense to anyone but me. 
So currently it is. 

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