Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Little Word 2014 Recap

For 2014 my word was JOY.
Along with joy was the verse "The joy of the Lord is my strength"
Throughout the year I learned a lot about joy.
It's not easy.
It's a choice to choose it.

But what I really learned is what that verse means.
It doesn't mean that I will suddenly have joy and then have strength, but God's joy, not mine, HIS will give me strength. And it has.

Choosing to be joyful is tough for me.
Sometimes I forget life doesn't have to be so serious.

Right before Christmas we received this little gift from our foster daughter

More & more I don't believe in coincidence, but in seeing God's hand in the little & big things.

Good bye 2014. 


  1. How sweet. Did she know that was your word? If not, how cool is that?

    1. No, she didn't know that. It's amazing to me how God works, reminds me of Him all around.