Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What have I learned...... reading struggles

We sat in the school office, parents rushing in signing in the kids running late.
Addison was very interested in the globe, we talked about where dad travels to in regards to where we live.
My stomach was churning.
Hands sweaty.
Purposefully not looking my husband in the eyes as we waited.
Then the school counselor came out to get us.
Walking into the room, all I could think is "you're a bad mom, you would not be here if it weren't so, you should have done more, you need to be better"

I sat down at the table, with my husband to my right & our "awww she's so cute" toddler behind us.
These people weren't here to tell me about my bad parenting or remind me of my lack of everything that makes a woman a good mother.

Instead 6 women sat in this conference room with us. Fighting with us for our boy.
His teacher has been an angel, fighting for this meeting.
And all the other women with her brainstorming how to best help my son.

Kristi from And Babies Don't Keep wrote a post about writing.
"Let's flip the script from what could I say that hasn't been said to 

And so today I'm going to share what I have learned with having to go through this meeting. No amount of planning would have prepared us for this, I could have been super at home teacher in his toddler years & it wouldn't have changed a thing. Right now we are fighting for Alex. Fighting for our boy who loves to learn to be able to read. We are fighting so that when that third grade reading test comes he won't be left behind as his twin sister goes to forth grade.

What we know --- he can sound out words but then when he pieces it together it falls apart.
Memorizing site words proves to be a major problem.
He's not giving up & he's finally getting to the point where he really wants to read so he's working hard.

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