Friday, February 13, 2015

How to lose weight (fat girl edition)

We've all been there, us big girls.
A friend, sister, stranger who is like a size 6 starts talking about some weight loss program they just got into and we're all like I'm going to stuff all the cream filled donuts in yo face.
Been there. Thought that. Boom.
But what about if you DO want to lose the weight. You're tired of the thighs on fire & clothes that never quite fit right & you become winded just walking up the stairs.
Then friend, I want to cheer you on.
You need to get ready.
It's going to be hard work.

How to start.
That's up to you.
The saying is do the workout you'll do.
I fell in love with running.
Running as a big girl can be quite difficult.
Thighs rubbing together, the big ole butt that feels like it's atleast a mile behind your feet.
Start slow.
I use the Ease Into 5k app
But I don't switch it up everyday. I start and switch to the next level when I'm ready.
What I've learned is running & getting better at running is a S L O W process.
So find the workout you'll do. Running, zumba, cycling. Whatever it may be, do it.

Nutrition. STOP eating 100 calorie bars. And 100 calorie this or that. Eat flippin REAL food. Apples, eggs, broccoli. I have been doing 21 day fix and the best thing it has taught me is eating real foods makes my body work properly, I'm less tired (which is a winner for all the mamas) & I don't feel like I'm starving all time. (If that's something you'd be interested in find a beachbody coach or I can send you the email of my coach, she'd LOVE to help you out!)

Don't quit.
If you're eating to fuel your body & working out it will work.


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