Monday, May 18, 2015

A few little life lessons along the way

---Go pee every chance you get. For me I pee, a lot, more than the average pregnant woman. It's bad. But I've learned that I can take the opportunity to pee or suffer later.

---I need time with Jesus. My flesh has a major attitude and is very selfish. It leaks out all over the place when I'm not with Him.

---People hurt. They just do. People who love Jesus. People who hate Jesus. People who have no opinion on Jesus. People hurt. I have to remind myself to be gentle to others and myself.

---Budgeting is important. Sometimes it's hard being an adult. Budgeting takes time & effort. But is so necessary.

---Dealing with depression is a thing for me. But now I know it's often an attack on my soul & talking to others is helpful.

---Being married isn't about making me happy. It's about us becoming holy. It's about us raising little warriors together.

---Church isn't necessary on your walk. It's not. But I can't imagine doing life without being there, with pastors who love Jesus fiercely, surrounded by others on their own walks with Jesus.

---Doing this mom gig is best when you have friends who can lift you up. It's ok to share your weaknesses in motherhood. And when others share their weaknesses, lift & encourage!

---Family relationships are tough. When you're a child they seem like the easiest, as an adult they get messy, but God loves families & redeems brokenness.

---Love Jesus. Love others. Work hard.

---Find something or somethings that are just yours. The things you are working on, that give you joy

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