Monday, May 11, 2015

You are seen single mama

I woke up.
It was quiet. He wasn't in the bed with me.
It felt heavily empty.
The house felt so quiet.
Except for the boy downstairs on his galaxy.
I opened the card he left for me.
He told me to wait until mother's day & so I did.
I cried my eyes out.
The day just isn't the same without him.

These beauties are gifted to me.
I adore them but they also drive me crazy.
I feel spoiled being their mama & overly exhausted being their mama. 
But the day was just not the same without their daddy.

And God was at work.

I could have sat there feeling like I spoiled brat or used the brain & heart God gave me.
So while I felt in a haze all day, I listened.
God opened my eyes to the life of a single mama.
I grew up the daughter of a single mama most of my life.
But never being a single mama, I can't really understand.
Yesterday, I got the tiniest glimpse.

Special days don't mean breakfast in bed,
they mean making breakfast for your littles.
Special days don't mean you get a day off of cooking and cleaning and correcting.
You still have to do the exhausting work.

I began thinking about the single mamas in my life. About their joy with their children. Their strength. Their love. 

To all the single mamas who weren't seen yesterday, I'm sorry. You may not be seen by a man or other human beings, but YOU are seen by your creator and He is enthralled by your beauty. Your hard work, passion, love & sacrifice may be unseen by your littles and by your relatives and friends, but it is never hidden from the father. 

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