Monday, June 20, 2016

I love people watching.
So much so that I get caught. Often.
I love seeing what people look like, their eyes, hair, chin, arms, height or lack of.
I love seeing what others are wearing, particularly hippies, hipsters, and any other of the type.
I love seeing littles bounce around their mamas full of energy.
Couples in love.
Broken hearts.
All of us.
Walking around bruised, beat up, tossed out.
But we manage to find twinkles of light.
We somehow manage to keep going.
At least some of us find it deep down to keep waking up, to keep the story going.
We struggle.
We curse our being and sometimes our maker.
We don't understand why we're here.
And then the silver linings.
The kiss from your soul mate, the cuddles from a child make literally from you.
And then for a moment and sometimes longer we're reminded these are the moments worth living for. 
These are the moments that make me alive.
Rock climbing, running, painting, winning that court case.
Those moments that you live for. YOU. No one else can live those moments for you.

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